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A new member of the JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group
Having become a member of the JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group in December 2011, Nitto Trading is now set for further business expansion. With its two business fields of wholesaling of nonferrous metals, and import and export of used farming machinery, the Company has a long history of trading success at home and abroad, particularly in the rapidly growing East Asian region. Our strengths are that we are ideally located in the Kita-Kyushu industrial area with our head office in Kita-Kyushu port, an international hub, and we have our own bonded sheds and in-house customs-clearance authorization. These advantages give us a high degree of reliability, cost-competitiveness and flexibility as we develop our trading operations. We have also established stable business networks in partnership with collection and marketing companies and other business partners. In our nonferrous metal recycling business, we ensure stable supplies of raw materials to major manufacturing companies and other customers. We are second to none within our sector when it comes to operational compliance and environment-friendliness, and the pursuit of quality.

Nitto Trading is under the umbrella of JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation, one of the core operating companies of the JXTG Group and a globally leading name in copper products, and of JX Metals Trading Co., Ltd., which as a main trading house for the JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group's metals business operates a wide range of businesses including raw material recycling. It now handles much of the recycling-related business of the JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group. In preparation for further business expansion, helping to generate further synergies within the Group, Nitto Trading is globalizing its recycling business, moving into Asian markets and beyond.

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